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Reduce Time to Value by Rapidly Onboarding SAP Data on GCP (full recording)

By C2C Team | July 20, 2022

You have options if you want to reduce the time to value for SAP deployments on GCP. Google Cloud solutions such as BigQuery, CloudSQL, AutoML, and Spanner�� - among others�� - are available to onboard and will accelerate insights on SAP data. Mike Eacrett, a senior product manager at Google Cloud, and Chai Pydimukkala, Google Cloud Head of Product Management, recently joined C2C for a technical session for SAP architects, data integrators, and data engineers to cover important options for SAP deployments on GCP. The session provided an overview of available solutions, technical requirements, and customer use cases. Watch the video below to see the live presentations, and use the following timestamps to navigate to the segments most relevant to you:

  • (1:50) Mike Eacrett Introduction and Reference Architecture
  • (3:20) BigQuery Connector for SAP: SAP Data Integration
  • (4:25) BigQuery Connector for SAP: Highlights & Value
  • (7:30) BigQuery Connector for SAP: Solution Overview
  • (10:30) BigQuery Connector for SAP: How does it work?
  • (14:35) Data Type Mapping Overview
  • (17:40) Supported Software Requirements
  • (19:55) Chai Pydimukkala Introduction and Cloud Data Fusion
  • (23:15) Cloud Data Fusion Key Capabilities and Personas
  • (31:25) SAP Table Batch Source
  • (34:50) SAP SLT Replication Plugin
  • (36:45) SAP ODP Plugin
  • (38:45) SAP OData Plugin



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