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Assess and Improve Your Team's Software Delivery Performance (full video)

By C2C Team | July 16, 2021

Many thanks again to Nathen Harvey ( @nathenharvey ), cloud developer advocate at Google, for providing more information to prepare teams for DevOps and SRE best practices in the cloud.

Ahead of reviewing this recording, be sure to complete the DORA DevOps Quick Check and follow along with the live demo.

The full recording from this session includes:

  • (1:30) Speaker introduction
  • (2:15) What is DORA?
  • (4:30) The four key metrics for software delivery and operations performance
  • (9:30) Demo of the DORA DevOps Quick Check
  • (17:50) Understanding your software delivery performance results
  • (21:10) Using results to improve your team's performance
    • Performance comparisons across all industries or a specific industry
      • Performance profile breakdown and performance levels
    • Designated improvement areas
  • (24:25) Prioritizing capabilities with ranked recommendations and guides on implementing changes
    • Continuous integration
    • Continuous delivery
    • Architecture
  • (27:35) Exploring DORA research and inferential predictive analysis and achieving optimal organizational performance
  • (34:00) DORA Research Program Diagram
    • Lean product development
    • Change approvals
    • Transformational lea
    • Lean management
    • Technical practices
    • Culture and work environment
    • Organizational performance
    • SDO performance
  • (41:45) Open Q&A

Finally, participate in the survey for the State of DevOps Report. The full report is expected to be released this fall.


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