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Views from the Cloud

One-on-One with Google Cloud's Andi Gutmans

November 4, 2020 By | Jo Happ
Known as a prominent programmer and entrepreneur in the tech space, Andi Gutmans today serves as the General Manager and VP of engineering for databases at Google Cloud. He is responsible for overseeing a group whose goal it is to support customers with their data journeys and with transforming their businesses. “It’s a three-step journey,” he said. “We take them through migration, modernization, and then  transformation. The best part of what we do is being able to innovate on behalf of our customers.”
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5 Takeaways from the Rockstar Conversation with Google’s Pali Bhat

October 28, 2020 By | Jo Happ
In the fourth installment of its Rockstar Conversations series, C2C welcomed Pali Bhat, VP of product and design at Google, to discuss application modernization and building for the future. Bhat, who has been at Google for more than 10 years, has held various roles but none closer to his heart than his current one. “I love application development!” Bhat said.  Among his responsibilities, Bhat is in charge of Google’s application modernization and developer solutions portfolio. He came ready to discuss all of it—including Anthos, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and various other hot-topic issues—with C2C and its members.  
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Google’s Climate Change Ambitions and What It Means for Customers

October 19, 2020 By | Chris Johnson
In mid-September 2020, Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a special announcement: He laid out the company’s numerous past accomplishments and an ambitious to-do list over the next 10 years. 
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One-on-One Google Cloud Rockstar Pali Bhat

October 15, 2020 By | Jo Happ
Pali Bhat is VP of Product and Design at Google. As part of the leadership team at Google Cloud, he has had the opportunity to lead products that have had a significant impact for Google Cloud customers. Today, he is responsible for the cloud company’s application modernization and developer solutions portfolio. Specifically, Bhat is in charge of Anthos, Google Cloud’s hybrid and multi-cloud platform, as well as the company’s modern computing efforts, which include Google Kubernetes Engine, and Google Cloud’s serverless solutions—Cloud Run and Cloud Functions. Bhat also leads Google Cloud’s Developer Solutions—Cloud Code and Cloud Build. 
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5 Takeaways from the Rockstar Conversation with Google’s Urs Hölzle

October 13, 2020 By | Jo Happ
In the third installment of its Rockstar Conversations series, C2C welcomed Urs Hölzle to discuss modernizing infrastructure for the present and for the future—a topic front and center on most people’s minds today.   Hölzle, who is one of Google’s first 10 employees, is a leading expert in this topic. In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in working with creating and further developing Google’s infrastructure, he is the person in charge of design, installation, operations, networks, and data centers, and making it all available to developers around the world.
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Google Unveils Workspace with New Features and Big Plans

October 8, 2020 By | Chris Johnson
Google announced the rebranding and fresh redesign of the G Suite this week. The new name? Google Workspace, a timely, smart, and ambitious reimagination of what the company says is the result of “work itself transforming in unprecedented ways.”
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How C2C Will Help Me in Developing My Cloud Strategy

October 5, 2020 By | Juan Carlos Escalante
I am the principal product manager of a small team of experts dedicated to technology strategy assessment within the CTO office of Ipsos, a global leader in market research. My area of expertise is data access, analytics, and "last-mile" data delivery. In my current role, I advise both business and technical teams across the company on a broad range of topics, from end-to-end data pipelines, solutions architecture, product management, to M&A technical due diligence. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to turn my attention to cloud strategy and deployment in data delivery innovation and, more recently, in the form of application modernization. 
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5 Takeaways from the Rockstar Conversation with Google’s Andrew Moore

September 30, 2020 By | Jo Happ
In the second installment of its Rockstar Conversations series, C2C welcomed Andrew Moore to discuss with a global audience his thoughts on accelerating transformation with analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.   Those in attendance were in for a treat, as there isn’t anyone more passionate about this subject than Moore, who worked at Google from 2006 to 2014, took a break to enter academia, and ultimately came back to Google as the head of artificial intelligence (AI) at Google Cloud in 2018.  “I think for a lot of us who've gone through both academia as well as the business side of things, we've really spent our careers wanting to show how advanced automation can improve the human condition,” Moore said. “Those of us lucky enough to be in these roles transitioning from AI theory to actual deployed systems really enjoy that aspect of life.”
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Getting to Know Google Cloud Rockstar Urs Hölzle

September 30, 2020 By | Jo Happ
In 1999, Urs Hölzle joined Google as one of its first 10 employees and the first vice president of engineering. Twenty-one years later, he serves as the senior vice president for technical infrastructure and oversees the design, installation, and operation of the servers, networks, and data centers that power Google’s services.  In sum, he is the person in charge of making all of Google’s wares available to developers around the world via Google Cloud.
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5 Takeaways from the Rockstar Conversation with Google Cloud’s Lori Mitchell-Keller

September 16, 2020 By | Jo Happ
Kicking off its Rockstar Conversations series, C2C welcomed Lori Mitchell-Keller to the virtual stage to discuss everything from her new role at Google Cloud, to her and her team’s initiatives around industry strategy, as well as her work in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space.
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