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Understanding Cloud ETL

Maximize data efficiency with Cloud ETL. Choose from batch, hybrid, real-time, custom, on-premise, or open-source solutions!

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The Human Side of Things: How Connecting in the C2C Community Helped Workspot and Wealthsimple Connect To Workers Around the World

Unlocking collaboration in the C2C community: Wealthsimple and Workspot's journey from a chance meeting to a successful tech partnership.

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Creating Value Together: My Journey as Team Leader for the Google Cloud Customer Community in the DACH Region

Connect, learn, and grow together. Discover the dynamic partnership between Parashift and Google Cloud in this C2C community guest post!

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Evolving Opportunity: The Four Pillars of Cloud-Native Architecture

Optimize software delivery with cloud-native agility. Learn how DevOps, Microservices, Containers, & Continuous Delivery elevate efficiency and quality.

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2Gather Chicago: Google Cloud Next '23 in Review

Explore AI breakthroughs and data insights from Google Cloud Next '23 at 2Gather Chicago. Discover how AI is shaping the future of organizations.

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Video Customer 2 Customer Story Series: Uber, Digital Turbine, and Mitchell International

Unlock the potential of C2C connections with insights from Google Cloud partners!

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: Consumer and enterprise platforms you should be paying attention to.

Unveil top consumer and enterprise platforms! Expert insights on Generative AI, data management shifts, and boosting sales efficiency.

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Customer 2 Customer Story Series: MLtwist and Levi's

Unlock insights into the future of security and AI from MLtwist at 2Gather Sunnyvale; connecting with leaders from Adobe, Walmart, and Levi's.

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C2C and Fulfilld Return to LinkedIn for a Live Stream with Uber

Livestream with Uber Engineer: Discover Fulfilld's AI-powered warehouse management on Google Cloud.

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CarCast with Bruno Aziza: How To Create and Destroy Value with Generative AI

Prioritize your Gen AI initiatives wisely with expert guidance. Optimize performance and build a data-driven culture for success!

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