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C2C Community Spotlight

Creating Value Together: My Journey as Team Leader for the Google Cloud Customer Community in the DACH Region

By Stefan Wagner | November 16, 2023

As the Head of Partner Management at Parashift, responsible for overseeing our platform hosted on Google Cloud and leveraging various Google Cloud technologies as the foundation of our product, I coordinate all indirect sales activities and maintain a close working relationship with Google Cloud. Since joining C2C Global, the Google Cloud Customer Community, in December 2022, my experience as a Team Leader has been nothing short of remarkable. In this article, I'd like to share my journey and the role my collaboration with @Dimitris Petrakis  and @ilias  has played in shaping it.

My role as Partner Manager at Parashift involves nurturing the strategic alliance between our organizations. I was first invited to a C2C event by our Google Partner Advantage Portal Manager. Parashift's reliance on Google Cloud infrastructure makes our interaction with the Google Cloud Customer Community vital as well as mutually beneficial.

My weekly meetings with the C2C team are highly productive and incredibly pleasant. We are dedicated to generating value for the Google Cloud Community, and we achieve this by organizing events at least once a month, where Google Cloud customers come together to connect, and leading experts share their experiences and use cases with Google Cloud.

The highlight of our journey was undoubtedly our participation in 2Gather: Zurich, an on-site event at the Google office in Zurich on February 9, 2023.

This event provided us with the unique opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Google Cloud Community and the dedicated employees of Google Cloud. What's remarkable is that even though this was a networking event, where the focus wasn't on selling products or services, the connections we made there have resulted in significant business opportunities for all involved. For example, after the event, a Google Cloud sales engineer reached out to me to discuss an opportunity to leverage the Parashift Platform in an ongoing digitization project with a leading hospital in Switzerland in the exploratory stages of migrating to Google Cloud. Other business opportunities with leading organizations and companies from all kinds of industries followed.


"We left 2Gather: Zurich with insights and leads as well as a deep appreciation for the sense of unity and collaboration that the C2C event fostered."


During the event, we had the privilege of having my manager, Alain Veuve, Founder and CEO of Parashift AG, present as a featured speaker. His presentation on "Automating Document Processing with Parashift on Google Cloud" was pivotal, not just for our community but for Parashift AG as well. It elevated our visibility within the Google Cloud Community and drew attention from Google Cloud employees, including those in sales and project teams.

The impact of Alain's presentation extended beyond the event itself. It led to engaging conversations with other potential clients, driven by the newfound visibility and trust established through our participation in the C2C event. These interactions have opened doors to potential collaborations and have solidified our commitment to further strengthening our partnership with Google Cloud.

The remarkable aspect of events like these is that they transcend traditional business boundaries. They create an environment where professionals can come together, not to sell, but to learn, share, and connect. It's this open exchange of ideas and the building of relationships that often lead to the most fruitful business opportunities.

This event was more than a one-time meeting; it was a catalyst for ongoing connections and collaborations. It was also a platform for learning from other industry leaders and hearing about their experiences, challenges, and solutions. It allowed for candid conversations that enriched us both professionally and personally. We left the event with insights and leads as well as a deep appreciation for the sense of unity and collaboration that the C2C event fostered. The power of networking lies in the relationships built, the knowledge shared, and the trust formed.

Our journey continues, and we look forward to more exciting experiences and opportunities within the Google Cloud Community. As a team leader, I'm thrilled to see how these strengthened relationships will continue to flourish and create value for all involved. The lesson here is clear: in the world of business, the power of meaningful connections cannot be underestimated, and the C2C platform has proven to be a catalyst for these connections in the Google Cloud Community.


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