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#GCPSketchnotes Now Available on C2C

Posted by Sabina Bhasin | February 16, 2021

Priyanka Vergadia, a developer advocate at Google, has created more than 300 videos, articles, podcasts, courses, and tutorials to help developers learn Google Cloud fundamentals, solve their challenges, and pass certifications. Or, in other words, she's your go-to Cloud Girl.

Vergadia will be sharing her excellent content with the C2C community, and we're excited to embrace her creative solutions to complicated tech. 

Our first post from Vergadia is about where to run your systems. Have you ever wondered how a tech stack would come together? Take a look at the sketch, and share your questions with Vergadia on Twitter!

Want to know more about who Vergadia is and why she started #GCPSketchnotes? A profile featuring Cloud Girl will be coming soon!


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