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Session Recording, Cloud Migration

Transformations with Chris Hood: Organizational Transformation (full video)

By Stephen C2C | November 12, 2021

Digital transformation is a major trend in technology and in business in general, and in every context it can mean something different. That Digital Show's five-part Digital Master Class series breaks the concept down for the agents of change who want to bring about transformation at their own workplaces. Our latest C2C Talks event with That Digital Show host Chris Hood explores the concept of organizational transformation in a business context.

Topics covered in this conversation include:

  • (1:15) - Introducing Chris Hood and the concept of Transformation
  • (4:00) - Overview of That Digital Show and the Digital Master Class series
  • (7:00) - Recapping the previous conversations in the Digital Master Class series
  • (10:40) - Google's Six Tenets of Change
  • (11:45) - Transformation in personality and company culture
  • (14:45) - Evolution of popular culture as an example of transformation
  • (17:30) - Managing change while preserving existing company culture
  • (24:30) - Podcasting and transformation in the moment

We'll be continuing this series for two more Thursdays. The next event will be on October 28 and the series will conclude on November 4. Follow the link below to sign up and join us!

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