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Cloud Migration

Cloud Adoption Summit Sunnyvale: Cloud Journey Story Series

Unlock cloud success from C2C's Sunnyvale's Cloud Adoption Summit. Learn from industry leaders about cost optimization, AI migration, and more.

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Cloud Adoption Summit: Toronto (session recordings)

Revisit C2C's Cloud Adoption Summit! Dive into exclusive session recordings featuring Kelsey Hightower and industry insights.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Migration on Google Cloud in Under 30 Minutes (full recording)

Enhance End-User Computing: Discover the Power of Intel & Google Cloud in VDI Migration. Learn to boost virtual CPU performance by 27% effortlessly!

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Transforming Businesses to Transform the World at the C2C Cloud Adoption Summit

Where Ideas Meet Action: Dive into transformative discussions on cybersecurity, infrastructure, and sustainability from this C2C event.

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Are Skills the Biggest Barrier to Cloud Adoption? A Guest Editorial by Daniel Vaughan, Cloud Native Software Architect, Mastercard

Unlock the full potential of Google Cloud with Mastercard's Daniel Vaughan. Uncover strategies to overcome skill barriers in this C2C Community Spotlight.

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Clean Clouds, Happy Earth Panel Discussion: Sustainability in EMEA

Dive into the future of sustainable computing with Google Cloud, HCL, AMD, and L'Oreal during this Happy Earth panel on EMEA regional sustainability.

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SAP on GCP: User Focuses and Challenges

Enhance your Google Cloud experience with SAP integration. ASUG Pulse findings highlight user priorities and obstacles in migrating SAP to GCP.

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How can I access the Cloud SQL with private IP only from another Project/VPC?

Expert solutions for connecting Cloud SQL privately across projects & VPCs. Resolve IP access hurdles without the rabbit hole of research.

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The Journey to the Digital Enterprise - Event Takeaway

TX Group's evolution into Switzerland's top digital network: A deep dive into their Google Workspace migration and the strategies for digital success.

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Let's Not Talk About Repatriation: Rich Hoyer of SADA on FinOps and Workload Balancing

Navigate the cloud landscape wisely - we'll challenge traditional views on repatriation. Explore cost-effective hybrid solutions and rebalance your workloads.

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