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The World of Google Developer Communities - Event Takeaway

By Thomas Hug | April 25, 2022

On Thursday, March 10, C2C DACH Community Manager Dimitris Petrakis ( @Dimitris Petrakis ) hosted a powerful event with Patrizia 'Pati' Jurek  (DevRel Regional Lead DACH, WTM Europe Lead, Google) focusing on the different Google Developer Communities.


60 Minutes in 60 seconds


(3:05) Who We Are

Jurek began her presentation by explaining what the DevRel (Developer Relations) team really is: an on-the-ground network of developers overlooking engineering programs and community managers who drive various global programs that follow the "1:few:many" model.


(4:20) What We Do

The main goal of DevRel is to nurture influencers and their communities everywhere to boost Google technology advocacy, adoption, quality, and perception.


(5:21) How do Google Developers support communities?

Google Developers support communities through learning, mentoring, and business building. The community is very diverse, with people coming from a huge variety of different backgrounds, such as enterprises, startups, and etc. They partner with communities, Women in Tech leads, Google technology experts, startups, and more to provide them with the resources and guidance they need to be successful in building on Google.


(7:43Video Presentation: "Google Developers: Community Connect 2021

After her initial overview, Jurek shared a short video to give attendees a better understanding of what it means to be a part of this bigger community.


(11:46) Google Developers: Developer Ecosystem Team

The DevRel team spans 30 countries and connects with developers in over 140. Jurek presented analysis on these numbers, as well as the benefits gained by further developing communities worldwide and by engaging with top startups in strategic and up-and-coming markets.


(14:00) Community Programs

Jurek introduced the different Google Community programs - - GDG (Google Developer Groups), GDSC (Google Developer Student Clubs), GDE (Google Developer Experts), and WTM (Women Techmakers) - - and then explained in detail their statistics and numbers (countries, groups, events annually, developers reached, content reads, public speaking events and workshops, ambassadors, women in tech reached) as well as the events they host, where they are organised, when, by whom, and what they contain.


(22:08) Why does Google have Developer Groups?

Three words: Connect, Learn, Grow! Developer community is about meeting other local developers and those interested in developer technologies, learning about a wide range of technical topics and new skills, and applying new learnings and connections to build great products and advance your skills, career, and network.


(28:43) Google Developers Experts

Google Developer Experts are a global network of highly experienced technology influencers who actively support developers, companies and communities. GDEs are independent volunteers who do not work for Google in any capacity.


(47:34) Google Developer Student Clubs

GDSCs are university based community groups for students interested in Google's developer technology.


(52:25Women Techmakers

WTM engages over 100,000 women in tech across 190 countries each year. WTM provides visibility, community and resources for women in technology across all career levels to drive innovation and participation in the industry.


(56:44) Become a Google Cloud Developer Hero

Google Developer Heroes showcase and celebrate the innovation and career development of their teams, meet and exchange ideas with Google execs, cloud solution experts and product teams, and join Google tech communities or become Experts to grow skills, mentor fellow developers, and partake in exclusive Google projects.


Watch the full recording of the event below:


Extra Credit



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