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Tell Me a Story: How Did You Become a Google Workspace Admin?

By Sabina Bhasin | February 12, 2021

The power of community is in its conversation. We know that the best ideas begin amid laughter and grow into success stories through coffee-fueled days and nights among friends. With the “Tell Me a Story” series, we want to know how you got there, wherever that may be; after all, your journey could help another take their first step. 

Bringing our series home is Google Workspace Administrator Nina Trankova. She doesn’t fit the typical mold, and that’s what makes her an excellent role model. Through her story, we learn how other women or those with no-code experience can also become successful in the cloud landscape. 

How did you get started with the Google Cloud Platform? 

More than ten years into her tech career in eastern Europe, Trankova attended the Global Google Product Experts Summit in Sunnyvale, California, in 2018.  

“Listening to the presentations during the two-day event, meeting Google engineers, [and] joining workshops revealed a magnetic atmosphere to me,” she said. “I wanted to retain this experience of discovery, and I enrolled for a Google Cloud Professional Certificate.”

And as the saying goes, like attracts like, energy creates energy; after that summit, Trankova was unstoppable, even launching a website to share her experience and knowledge. This website, recognized best through its hashtag moniker #OnEBoard, also has become her favorite project working with Google Cloud products. 

“It’s motivating me to be better, continue learning, develop it further, expand and scale in the way Google does their projects,” she said.

What makes you an expert?

Here is where Trankova gets really cool in C2C’s book. She worked fearlessly in a space mostly dominated by men but had an aptitude and interest in the field. So, rather than spending a lot of money or stressing about what to do, she hopped on Coursera, a platform we all have access to and is bursting with potential. With Google offering certifications on that platform, Trankova jumped on the opportunity and earned her Certificate for Google Workspace Administrator in January 2020, after 10 years of working in IT. 

Her top skills now include the Google Product Experts program, awarded to her for lifelong learning. 

“I guess lifelong learning is my best skill,” she admits. We couldn’t agree more. 

Even for those interviewing to be part of her team, she looks for their ability to learn and grow. “I would look at how they are listening (as a skill), and do they keep up with their personal, professional growth goals,” she said. 

Also, Trankova focuses on asking questions about the interviewee’s curiosity and problem-solving.

But, she also says, “have a sense of humor.” We at C2C certainly agree!


What's your favorite Google Cloud product? Why?

Many of you reading this may agree with Trankova when she wholeheartedly admits that her favorite is Google Workspace because of its collaborative character. 

“It might sound cliché, but when you are experiencing Google Workspace with a team, then you know the universal strength of the 21st century: teamwork in the cloud,” she said.


That's awesome! So, what certificate is next? 

For Trankova, it’s all about ML; she’s eager to dive into Python. 

“I started last February, but I canceled my course due to COVID-19 work overload,” she recounts. “So, this year I'm excited to restart with Python.” 


Inspire me! Why did you choose to join the C2C community? 

“I was curious about the use cases C2C members were sharing and wanted to listen to the conversations,” she said. “The transformation in a large spectrum of industries based on Google Cloud technology is impressive, and C2C lets members know a little bit what's behind the success stories.”


Get Connected.

C2C is all about bringing people together. How can the community best get in touch with you? Head to social media, and find her on Twitter @ninatrankova.


Wanna talk about it? 

  1. If you’d like to connect with Trankova, join our community and find her in the Workspace chat!
  2. Have a story to share and want to be featured? Email Sabina Bhasin, content manager.
  3. Want more C2C content or curious about who we are and why we’re here? Visit our website

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