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Reduce Time to Value by Rapidly Onboarding SAP Data on GCP (full recording)

Unlock faster SAP deployments on GCP using Google Cloud tools - BigQuery, CloudSQL, AutoML, and Spanner. Dive into technical insights in this recording.

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SAP on GCP: User Focuses and Challenges

Enhance your Google Cloud experience with SAP integration. ASUG Pulse findings highlight user priorities and obstacles in migrating SAP to GCP.

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C2C Navigators Series: NextGen Healthcare's SAP on Google Cloud Migration

Uncover the challenges and triumphs of NextGen Healthcare's SAP migration to Google Cloud.

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NextGen Healthcare's SAP on Google Cloud Migration (full video)

Optimize healthcare SAP with Managecore on Google Cloud. Elevate performance, confidence, and stability in just six months. Watch the full migration journey.

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The Right Team: Managecore and NextGen Build for the Future Using Google Cloud

Transforming SAP landscapes with Google Cloud: NextGen Healthcare's success story with Managecore. Learn the keys to a seamless migration.

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How Southwire Is Using Google Cloud to Improve Business Outcomes (full video)

Discover the transformative power of Google Cloud for SAP migration. Learn from Southwire's manufacturing journey in cloud adoption.

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Dan Stuart, Southwire, on Why Google Cloud Was the Secure Choice

Uncover the secrets behind Southwire's historic move to Google Cloud. Read how security, scalability, and agility have led to the company's success.

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Google Cloud's Lori Mitchell-Keller Kicks off C2C Executive Keynote Series

Explore the tech landscape from the POV of a Googler with 25 years of industry expertise, and dedication to DEI in C2C's Executive Keynote Series.

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