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How to Choose the Right Cloud Strategy for Your Restaurant: C2C President Josh Berman Reports for QSR Magazine

Elevate your restaurant's success with strategic cloud solutions. Understand Google Cloud strategies for the foodservice industry from this interview.

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Building for Scalability, Block by Block: An Interview with Carrefour Links CTO Mehdi Labassi

Discover the art of scaling with Carrefour Links. From Lego to Google Cloud, explore the building blocks of success in tech infrastructure!

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Retail Case Study: How Marriott International Builds Smart Kiosks on Google Cloud

Discover the future of contactless convenience. Enhance guest experience at Marriott with smart kiosks. Grab snacks, check-in seamlessly, and pay with mobile.

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Getting Maximum Value from Cloud: Key Takeaways from C2C's Deep Dive on Cloud Repatriation

Watch the videos! Uncover insights on cloud repatriation's business implications from industry leaders at C2C's panel discussion.

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Leveraging Data for Consumer Behavior (full video)

Enhance ROI & customer centricity with Google Cloud analytics. Quantiphi explores marketing analytics and consumer data impacts on business success.

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Thinking About Moving Your Workloads Off the Cloud? (full video)

Explore the strategic aspects of moving workloads off the cloud. Understand TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX with X, SADA, and Etsy. Watch the session.

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Google Cloud's Lori Mitchell-Keller Kicks off C2C Executive Keynote Series

Explore the tech landscape from the POV of a Googler with 25 years of industry expertise, and dedication to DEI in C2C's Executive Keynote Series.

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