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Get to Know the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification

By Alex Maksymec | October 21, 2021

Personal development and professional development are among the hottest topics within our community. At C2C, we're passionate about helping Google Cloud users grow in their careers. This article is part of a larger collection of Google Cloud certification path resources.

The Google Cloud Digital Leader certification demonstrates broad conceptual knowledge of cloud computing and an understanding of how and when to choose Google Cloud products, services, and features. It's one level below the Associate Cloud Engineer certification. While Cloud Digital Leader's market value remains to be determined (as a fairly new release and the first of its kind), fortifying a team with cloud knowledge can only stand to benefit organizations in the times of increased cloud transformations. 

In the meantime, here's what we can answer:

  • Which role is Cloud Digital Leader best for?
  • Which topics do I need to brush up on before taking the exam?
  • Where can I find resources, study guides, and practice exams for Cloud Digital Leader?
  • What are some sample questions I'll be asked on the Cloud Digital Leader exam?
  • Where can I connect with fellow community members to get more questions answered?


View image at full scale here.


Infographic describing an overview of Google Cloud Digital Leader certification.


Looking for information about a different Google Cloud certification? 

Check out the directory in the Google Cloud Certifications Overview.


Extra Credit


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