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Get to Know the Google Cloud Architect Certification

By Alex Maksymec | November 30, 2021

Personal development and professional development are among the hottest topics within our community. At C2C, we're passionate about helping Google Cloud users grow in their careers. This article is part of a larger collection of Google Cloud certification path resources.

The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect is a key player on any team that wants to activate the full benefits of Google Cloud within its organization. According to Google, "this individual designs, develops, and manages robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives." Candidates need to have proficient knowledge of cloud strategy, solution design, and architecture best practices before taking this exam.

The Cloud Architect debuted in 2017 and quickly became the leading competitive advantage certification that cloud job-seekers can hold; for three years in a row, Global Knowledge has placed the Google Professional Cloud Architect at or near the top of its 15 top-paying IT certifications

The salary from holding this certification doesn't exist in a bubble, however. Global Knowledge's report includes additional analysis on its respondents, including average number of additional certifications, average age of the certification-holder, and popular cross-certifications (some of which also place high on the list). That said, we already know from the Associate Cloud Engineer overview that any Google Cloud certification is a substantial value boost in the job market.

Now, for anyone who wants to break into that market, let's get the basics out of the way. These certifications are well-compensated for a reason, so make some time to prepare and answer the following questions before sitting for this challenging exam:

  • What experience should I have before taking this exam?
  • What roles and job titles does Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification best prepare me for?
  • Which topics do I need to brush up on before taking the exam?
  • Where can I find resources and study guides for Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification?
  • Where can I connect with fellow community members to get my questions answered?

View image as a full-scale PDF here.


Infographic describing an overview of Google Cloud Architect certification.


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