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Data Fusion, ELT, and ETL Drive Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session 2

By Sabina Bhasin | February 11, 2021

Building on the first C2C Connect: France session’s momentum, C2C members Antoine Castex and Guillaume Blaquiere hosted a powerful session for native French speakers in the cloud space. These sessions intend to bring together a community of cloud experts and customers to connect, learn, and shape the future of cloud. 

30 Minutes Summed Up in 30 Seconds

  1. Attendees shared their thoughts and perspectives on the difference in use between extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) and put the concepts into reality by sharing experiences from working at L’Oréal. One member shared how he implemented an ELT workflow and chose that approach because BigQuery can’t do all, especially external API calls or sync data with other database engines.

    Ultimately, they determined that neither approach is exclusive and depends on the use case, requirements, and context. This topic continues to be extremely engaging and will continue in future sessions.
  2. Specific to France, Google’s new 250Tbps Dunan cable increases capacity and usage from France throughout Europe.

  3. They debated Datafusion user feedback, including discussing cost, user experience, and usability. Mostly the pricing seemed to be a limiting factor.

    “The pricing model of Data Fusion is high and discourages the use of the product,” said Raphael Mina, CTO at Appsolute in Lyon.

  4. The group agreed, but what about you? Do you have thoughts on this, too? You can join the C2C Connect group and chat with them about it!

  5. The group also shared a presentation about significant updates to Cloud Run; you can find the link in the extra credit section below. They relished with delight, knowing they can now stream data.

Get In on the Serverless Conversation!

Despite only having 30 minutes to meet, the conversation didn’t stop. Serverless is a hot topic, and it certainly stole the show. The group spent time on the GA releases, specifically around serverless, such as: 

  1. Workflows
  2. Dialogflow CX
  3. Cloud Build and Secret Manager
  4. Text-to-speech
  5. AI Platform training

They shared what they liked and didn’t. For example, “The Workflow product goes to GA, and you need to log each step manually,” said Antoine Castex. “It’s like the dev team has never developed on the product.” 

They added that they didn’t like how Google has teased features that would improve this, but those haven’t come to fruition. To overcome this, C2C Connect participants offered other integrations to work around these problems, so connect with the group to learn more and if the suggested integrations would work for you, too!

Preview What's Next

The upcoming session will cover the following topics that came up but didn’t make it to the discussion floor: 

  1. More in-depth discussion around workflows 
  2. Determining topics for upcoming sessions and offering more time for discussion

“If you have a topic that interests you more, you can let us know,” Castex said. “We can discuss that topic and see if others are doing the same thing. So, do not hesitate to tell us, and we will get the information if we are not an expert, since we are not an expert in everything—far from it.”

If this seems valuable to you, be sure to sign up to get in touch with the group!

Extra Credit

Looking for more Google Cloud products news and resources? We got you. 

The following links were shared with attendees and are now available to you!


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