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How to Optimize Google Cloud Costs: Compute, Networking, and Cloud Storage

Save big on Google Cloud costs! Discover essential tips for optimizing networking, compute, and storage expenses.

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What Is Multi-CDN Architecture and What Are the Benefits of This Distribution Strategy?

Enhance your website speed with a multi-CDN architecture - boost performance, eliminate downtime, and improve user experience globally.

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Choose Your Own Cloud Adventure: Cloud CDN or Managed Instance Groups (Video from Google Cloud Tech)

Decide the Fate: Load Balancers & Managed Instance Groups or Content Delivery Network? Cloud infrastructure decisions made exciting!

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Urs Hölzle, SVP Technical Infrastructure, Joins C2C to Discuss Modernizing Infrastructure for the Present and Future

Elevate Your Cloud Compute Knowledge - Google Cloud SVP Explores Trends in Sustainable Networking and Cloud Migration.

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Getting to Know Google Cloud's Urs Hölzle

Meet the force behind Google Cloud's infrastructure evolution. From energy efficiency to Anthos revolution, read his vision for the next cloud revolution.

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