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C2C Is Officially Global, Launches French Community

By Sabina Bhasin | January 21, 2021

The first session kicks off on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021

Hey, Google Cloud Universe. We have some news for you! 

Six months into its inception, and C2C is officially launching our first regional community of practice. On Thursday, Jan. 21, C2C will officially kick off C2C Connect: France, marking an exciting milestone in the C2C community’s growth. 

The France groups sprouted after C2C witnessed active interest and engagement across the globe, particularly in the EMEA region, making it clear there was an immediate priority to serve that audience in their native language. 

Through the collective effort of C2C members Guillaume Blaquiere, lead cloud architect at Veolia, and Antoine Castex, Google Cloud Platform architect at L’Oréal, this community is open to all Google Cloud users. However, those who speak French and seek to connect with their peers using their native language will gain the most value. 

“From the outset, localized groups like this were planned to be a foundational aspect of C2C,” said Danny Pancratz, director of communities and product. “While the pandemic has delayed our ability to build in-person events and shifted our focus towards topic-based online communities, our France (and French-language-focused) group is the perfect first use case to connect a unique segment of our community. We’ll build the foundations of each regional community virtually, and we very much look forward to the first in-person meetup in the future.”

To start, the group will host four sessions from Jan. 21–March 4 and will collectively plan the future cadence. You can register for all four at once. 

C2C, the independent Google Cloud community, is driven to support Google Cloud users anywhere in the world. C2C embraces the sharing of ideas, challenges, and wins, and even offers space just to laugh. Often, Connect group members share recent Google Cloud news, updates, and even their wish lists. C2C offers the opportunity to bring those ideas to the relevant Google product owners directly.

By becoming a member and attending C2C events, such as C2C Navigators, Deep Dives, and Talks, Google Cloud users can bring their questions and chat with product experts, an opportunity not available in any other forum. 

“Thank you for helping create an awesome Google community where we feel like we will be heard and can be a part of the process,” said C2C member Nina Trankova, Google Workspace administrator at Castle Club. “So far, we have seen great things here and cannot wait to see more!”

Upon completing the introductory series, the group leaders will determine future cadence with input from the community. Post-pandemic, C2C looks forward to offering in-person meetups. 

To learn more about C2C Connect explore all our Connect groups.

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