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A FAIR Approach to Generative AI: An Interview with Rackspace CTO Srini Koushik

Unlock the potential of Generative AI with Rackspace's FAIR approach. Dive into an exclusive interview with CTO Srini Koushik for insights and solutions.

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Bringing The Customer Community Together in Real Time at Google Cloud Next '23

Step into the heart of Google Cloud Next '23 with C2C, connecting partners and customers globally. Discover the latest in cloud tech and Google updates.

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On-the-Spot Feedback and a Sense of Community at Cloud Adoption Summit: Toronto

Boost Automation Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and explore RPA technology insights from C2C Toronto. Unlock new possibilities for your business!

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Enterprise Software and the Role of the CIO: An Interview with Mark Templeton of Workspot

CIOs, embrace change and drive growth in the enterprise SaaS era. Workspot shares their mindset on cloud-native adoption and multicloud support systems.

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The Why and How of Google Partners (full video)

Elevate Your Cloud Game: Uncover the Strategies, Benefits, and Investments Behind Google Cloud Partnerships. Gain In-Depth Knowledge from Industry Leaders.

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Board Moods: Paul Novak, CIO of Community Health Systems

Uncover career and life philosophies in this edition of Board Moods. From SAP consulting to IT leadership, read all about Paul Novak!

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C2C Launches Financial Services Community at 2Gather: NYC

C2C's Financial Services Community unveiled at 2Gather NYC. Dive into insightful conversations and network. Join the community for exclusive connections!

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Efficiency Up Front: An Interview with Brian Wink of NetApp

Unleash secure, efficient data solutions. Elevate your cloud storage game with NetApp Cloud Volumes. Efficient data storage for future success awaits.

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C2C 2022 Year-End Recap: Startups

Dive into C2C's startups community! From ML strategies to inspiring fireside chats, explore the moments that shaped our growing community.

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Transforming Businesses to Transform the World at the C2C Cloud Adoption Summit

Where Ideas Meet Action: Dive into transformative discussions on cybersecurity, infrastructure, and sustainability from this C2C event.

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