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2021 Predictions: What Does the C2C Community Think Is Next for Google Workspace?

By Sabina Bhasin | February 3, 2021

Adaptations 2020 created for office workers - like maintaining productivity while working remotely and discovering digital collaboration tools - are becoming fixtures of daily life. As 2021 gets going, many of these shifts are here to stay, even if they create hybrid environments for workers, so we wanted to know what the C2C community thinks the future looks like for productivity and collaboration using Google Workspace, a topic that came up in a recent C2C Talks event with Jesse Nowlin

Prediction 1: Integrations with Other SaaS Applications

"I think one of the most important things that Google has to do a better job of is talking about integration with other key SaaS applications out there," said Joey Maller, VP of sales at UpCurve Cloud.

"If you look at Microsoft, their story is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams, right? Google doesn't have a CRM, so to compete with that story, it has to be Workspace, Salesforce, and Meet and Google Voice or other VOIP solution," Maller said. 

"So that's one area where I'm looking at in 2021: the integration to complete that whole story of collaboration and communication," he added.

Others echoed Maller's thoughts and had predictions of improved integrations as well.

"Using Google is great when you're just within your organization working with others that use Google, but if you try to integrate with Microsoft, for example, it's tough," said Scott Lingle, director of IT at Eagle County. "The editing tools for Microsoft Office files are great, but they've still got a ways to go to make it seamless when you're working with others."

Prediction 2: Remote Work Is Here to Stay

We need to adopt this way of thinking now, whether we like it or not because everything that we do going forward is going to reflect this new way of working," said Jesse Nowlin, CIO at Westland Real Estate Group. "And if you don't, essentially, you're going to be caught off guard, like many of us were at the beginning of the pandemic. So everything we are looking forward to in 2021 should be designed for a flexible work environment."

Nowlin touted the benefits of the virtual background that Google Meet offers, but how else are we going to make our employees more comfortable working from home in a semi-permanent way? We are just as eager to find out what Google is cookin' up!

Prediction 3: Indispensable Features Streamlining Communication

"Internally, having Chat within Gmail is just beautiful, and now I just want to see this same chat within my next document without having to share my document in a Google Chat or a Google room," said Dominik Kugelmann, chief of vision and co-founder of 22d consulting.

They expect that there will be an "all-in-one" solution for all conversations, at least that's what they are most excited about in 2021.

What do You Think?

We are taking your predictions all month and will be following up throughout the year! Share it here, directly to Sabina Bhasin, content manager.

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