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Zdenko's Weekly GCP Newsletter

By C2C Team | July 27, 2021


Looking for a place to start your Monday? @zdenulo  has you covered. Check out the latest issue shared below with permission. 

C2C is proud to bring you @zdenulo 's weekly newsletter. Read more about Zdenko and why he painstakingly aggregates all the links that's fit to email related to GCP. 





Cloud CDN Cloud Load Balancing Networking Official Blog

HTTP/3 gets your content there QUIC, with Cloud CDN and Load Balancing - Cloud CDN and Load Balancing customers can now serve clients HTTP/3, for better performance for streaming video, image serving and API scaling.

Datastream NoSQL Official Blog

Streamline your real-time data pipeline with Datastream and MongoDB - Continually stream data from legacy relational data stores into MongoDB Atlas with Google Cloud Datastream.

Cloud Monitoring Official Blog

Announcing new features for Cloud Monitoring's Grafana plugin - Here's an overview of new features we've added that improve integration between Cloud Monitoring and Grafana.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

BigQuery row-level security enables more granular access to data - BigQuery row-level security provides more granular access control over your data.

Official Blog Storage

Accelerate Google Cloud database migration assessments with EPAM's migVisor - The Database Migration Assessment is a Google Cloud-led project to help customers accelerate their deployment to Google Cloud databases with a free evaluation of their environment.

HPC Official Blog

IBM Spectrum LSF Now Supports HPC Workloads on Google Cloud - Google Cloud is excited to announce, in collaboration with IBM, enhanced capabilities to IBM Spectrum LSF job scheduling with Google Cloud resources.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Improving cloud operations and migrations with Google Cloud and ServiceNow - Accelerating cloud migrations and improving hybrid and multicloud management with Google Cloud and ServiceNow.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Investing in the heart Of Google Cloud, our developer and customer communities - New Google Cloud internal and external community investments. The intention is to meet Devs where they already congregate.

GCP Certification Official Blog

Cloud Career Jump Start: our virtual certification readiness program - Cloud Career Jump Start is Google Cloud's first virtual Certification Journey Learning program for underrepresented communities.


Articles and Tutorials


Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes


Infrastructure Official Blog Security

A blueprint for secure infrastructure on Google Cloud - The security foundations blueprint identifies core security decisions and guides you with opinionated best practices for deploying a secured Google Cloud environment.

Official Blog Transfer Appliance

Latest Transfer Appliance enables fast, simple and secure data movement - Transfer Appliances for simple, secure and performant data movement.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

To the cloud and beyond! A program management approach to data center migration - Learn how to streamline your data center migration with Google Cloud and their Professional Services Organization.

Kubernetes Official Blog

Build a platform with KRM: Part 3 - Simplifying Kubernetes app development - Streamline Kubernetes application development with friendly tools from Google.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Struggling to fix Kubernetes over-provisioning? GKE has you covered! - An overview of techniques and tools you can use to reduce your reliance on over-provisioning your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environment.

Cloud Load Balancing GCP Experience Istio Kubernetes

Exposing our applications with GCLB and Istio - Sharing experience of using Cloud Balancing and Istio.

Cloud DNS Networking

Extending GCP Cloud DNS to On-prem with Multiple VPCs - A process of connecting GCP environments to those on-prem in a secure way.

Cloud SDK Security

Protect from Delete GCP project - Command to set GCP project so it cannot be deleted.


App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps


Compute Engine Official Blog

5 things you didn't know about the new Tau VMs - Learn about Google Cloud's new Tau VM family, including its first instance type, T2D VMs.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Google Maps Platform JavaScript API and Promises - As of the quarterly release of version 3.45 of the Maps JavaScript API, Promises support is now also available in the weekly channel alongside the pre-existing callback pattern for asynchronous methods.


Riot Games' chatbot built on Google Cloud Dialogflow & Botcopy achieves a 14% deflection rate. - Riot Games tests Google/Botcopy stack against Amazon Lex. Google/ Botcopy trounces — hands down.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Introducing Upstash for Google Cloud Function & Access using REST APIs - Upstash now supports the Google Cloud Function and provides REST APIs to access the database.

Cloud Firestore NodeJS

Firecode - Firecode is a Node.js library that lets you efficiently traverse Firestore collections.

App Engine Cloud Run

How to deploy and secure your Streamlit app on GCP? - Streamlit is a great tool to create beautiful data applications, in this article two solutions are presented to deploy on Google Cloud.


Big Data, Analytics, AI/ML


Official Blog Workflows

Orchestrate Data Pipelines using Workflows - A common way to orchestrate data engineering pipelines is using Cloud Composer (based on Apache Airflow). However, many data teams do not want to manage the infrastructure and are looking for serverless options. Workflows is a great alternative to tackle such orchestration use cases. We've also used the newly released Workflow connectors feature as part of our blog.

Cloud Data Fusion

Data Fusion Private Cluster to access public source - Step by step tutorial to configure Data Fusion private cluster to access public source.

Cloud Dataprep Official Blog

Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta cheat sheet - Data is needed in every aspect of your business from optimizing profit margin, identifying new market opportunities, predicting next-best offer, responding to fraud, or reporting on regulatory obligations. If you want data as an ally to steer your business, you should look at Dataprep by Trifacta.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

The BigQuery admin reference guide: Resource Hierarchy - Learn about the BigQuery Resource Hierarchy, and how to structure Projects, in the first part of our series to help BigQuery administrators master the fundamentals.

BigQuery GIS Official Blog

Leveraging BigQuery Public Boundaries datasets for geospatial analytics - Here we'll show you how to join first party data onto the BigQuery Public Boundaries Datasets for comprehensive geospatial analytics.

BigQuery Cloud Logging

Monitoring SQL Scripts with BigQuery - Getting insights about executed scripts in BigQuery.

BigQuery Cloud Logging Cloud Pub/Sub

Email Alerts for GCP Events - In this article, we will see how we can set up a framework to send email alerts in event of a failed query in BigQuery.


DBT BigQuery Performance - Profiling DBT runs.

BigQuery Visualization

Write to Google BigQuery using Tableau Prep - Saving data from Tableau Prep to BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Google's BigQuery - How to easily create and deploy ML Models with SQL.

Official Blog

Getting started with MLOps: Selecting the right capabilities for your use case - Navigate the processes and capabilities you need to adopt for your MLOps use cases.




GCP Certification

GCP Professional Cloud Architect — Exam Guide Mapping to Prep links - A list of resources to help with Cloud Architect certification exam.

GCP Certification

Do you want to know ‘What it takes to be a Certified GCP Professional Security Engineer ?' - Passing Security certification exam.




GCP Podcast - #264 SRE III with Steve McGhee and Yuri Grinshteyn.


If you have suggestion, feedback or link you want to share feel free to email me at zdenko@gcpweekly.com


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