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Year-End Reflections: C2C EMEA Team Leaders Share Their 2021 Highlights

By C2C Team | January 17, 2022

C2C Global was founded with one goal in mind: to bring together Google Cloud customers from all over the globe. To that end, to date, C2C has launched communities in four global regions, and plans to launch more in the coming year. Despite the past year's challenges, one of the greatest successes C2C achieved in 2022 was connecting community members in multiple continents at virtual and in-person events and on our community platform. To recognize the work of the teams that made these connections happen, we asked the team leads from our France, UK and Ireland, and DACH regions to share some of their highlights from the year, and what they're looking forward to for their regional communities in 2022.

For France team lead Antoine Castex ( @antoine.castex ), the best remote events of the year were the France Connect group's weekly coffee chats. Castex and his colleague Guillaume Blaquiere ( @guillaume blaquiere ) agreed that the group's event with guest Kelsey Hightower was also a 2021 highlight. Two events that stood out to team lead Alan Muntadas ( @alan.muntadas ) were the EMEA community's live Google Next event and the very first in a series of sessions on working from home. All three team leads noted in-person events as highlights.

In the coming year, the France team is looking forward to more live events - - in Blaquiere's words, "if Airbus wants to host us and to perform a testimonial from Toulouse, why not!" - - and more collaboration with Google toward promotion and audience engagement.

The leads of the UK and Ireland team were also pleased to have hosted multiple live events, and eager to host more. As team lead Paul Lees ( @PaulRLees ) put it, "Even though many people will deny it actually happened and will try to erase any footage, I think it was amazing to be meeting people that we've only spoken to over video calls." Lees and lead Andy Yates ( @andy.yates ) were also particularly happy with the group's Simultaneous Location and Mapping event, which Yates says "hit the sweet spot in terms of discussion, expertise and interactivity."

Next year, Yates and Lees are both eager to bring more people into the UK & I community; Yates is looking forward to hearing from more customers, and Lees is excited to welcome more Google Cloud experts. Nevertheless, according to lead Charlotte Moore, "overall C2C has managed to forge a very inclusive, welcoming, and warm atmosphere, both online and at in-person events."

DACH team lead Chanel Greco ( @chanelgreco ) remembers "Kicking off our DACH Connect monthly meetings in September," as a highlight for 2021. "Although our DACH group is still small," she says, "I think it's great to connect to other German-speaking Google Cloud enthusiasts." In 2022, she's hoping to bring more community members to those events, and to host an in-person meeting on behalf of the DACH community "once the health and safety situation allows for it."

All the enthusiasm around virtual and in-person events notwithstanding, all three teams identified one experience in particular as a highlight for the year: working with EMEA Community Manager Ilias Papachristos ( @ilias )!

Are you a member of our EMEA community? Did you attend any events mentioned above? What were your highlights for the year? Drop us a line in any of the local Connect groups and let us know!

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