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Google Cloud Startups

The Google Cloud Startups Summit Connects Startup Founders in the C2C Community

By Stephen C2C | June 30, 2022

The Google Cloud Startups Summit unites startup founders, venture capitalists, and Google experts for a full day of informative and interactive sessions exploring the diversity of talent and the variety of business opportunities in Google Cloud's startup ecosystem. This year's Startups Summit, on June 2, 2022, will cover hot topics including the future of web3, app development for startups, and founding a business on the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Startup founders make up a major segment of the C2C Community, and events like the Google Cloud Startups Summit facilitate the kind of customer-to-customer interaction C2C exists to promote. The 2021 Startups Summit attracted some of C2C's most active members, and this year's Summit will offer them a warm welcome back.

Markus Koy ( @MarkusK ), founder of thefluent.me, left last year's Summit with a new perspective on the process of scaling a business. One of the biggest challenges, he learned, is growing a business enough to build out a team in order to secure funding. For founders still developing a product, however, events like the Startups summit offer other vital kinds of support. "For me personally," says Koy, "I got some good information on pitching, how to present the company, and the other advantage I find is of course networking." Connecting with others in the startups space is valuable for founders at any stage of the startup journey.


"If there is opportunity to collaborate just to speed up to reach the market, I'm open minded."


Martin Mujyanama ( @muntima ), another highly engaged C2C member who attended last year's Summit, agrees. Mujyanama is building a product that will compile and organize academic research on victimology in an optimized content interface. At this year's Startups Summit, he hopes to meet others interested in collaborating, however they might be able to influence his journey. "If there is opportunity to collaborate just to speed up to reach the market, I'm open minded," says Mujyanama. "I'm ready just to welcome any such initiative or action."

Every startup is different, with its own unique technical and business challenges and potential for growth and success. The Google Cloud Startups Summit is designed to provide insight and guidance from technical and business leaders across the Google Cloud ecosystem, so that startups at all stages and in all fields and industries can benefit from its programming. However, what determines the real value of any business-oriented event is the perspective and willingness to engage of the other attendees. To make the connections that will make the difference in your startup journey, register here for the 2022 Google Cloud Startups Summit, and register below for the three AMA sessions C2C is hosting in conjunction with the Summit:



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