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Tell Me a Story: How Did You Become a Senior Engineer at UpCurve Cloud?

By Melinda McGinley | February 10, 2021

The power of community is in its conversation. We know that the best ideas begin amid laughter and grow into success stories through coffee-fueled days and nights among friends. With the “Tell Me a Story” series, we want to know how you got there, wherever that may be; after all, your journey could help another take their first step. 

Today, we bring you a story from Tony Rosales, senior engineer at UpCurve Cloud, on innovation and management for big and small companies.

How'd you get started with the Google Cloud Platform?

Rosales began working with managed service providers (MSPs) back in 2007, where he worked on the front lines of migration, from on-premise to datacenter/colocation to public cloud data storage. 

Rosales was introduced to Google Cloud Platform while investigating a storage concern for his employer. Through his research, he discovered just what Google Cloud Platform could accomplish, and he used it to solve the issue.

“The solution turned out to work so well, it caused me to question our entire way of supporting customers,” Rosales recalls. “It was that powerful!”

His faith in Google Cloud Platform is so complete that he refers to himself as a “public cloud evangelist.”


What makes you an expert? 

Rosales has taken every opportunity to expand his knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform by obtaining certifications as a Professional Google Cloud Platform Cloud Architect and a Professional Google Workspace Solutions (GWS) Collaboration Engineer. He is also currently studying for the Professional Google Cloud Platform Data Engineer certification. Continuing to learn more about Google Cloud Platform and products helps Rosales better assist businesses in reaching all their technology goals. 

While his knowledge of Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud products makes him an expert, Rosales credits his success to his ability to speak plainly to stakeholders about complex IT concepts and solutions. By presenting the technical solutions in an easy-to-understand and accessible way, his team members can move faster. After all, understanding infrastructure modernization and business collaboration concerns are critical for implementation. 


Of all the Google Cloud Platform projects you've been involved with, which is the most satisfying?

Rosales’s passion for continuously learning about Google Cloud Platform fueled his ability to create a multimedia archiving solution for a customer, saving them $250,000 a year in storage hardware and datacenter space. 

Rosales reports that the Google Cloud Platform solution “not only changed the way their users accessed archived data, but [also made] it available within a matter of seconds.”


Talk Google Cloud products to me. Do you have a favorite?

Rosales’s evangelizing doesn’t stop at the cloud. His personal favorite is BigQuery because “it has so many business applications that give a huge value to companies that use it.” 


As a Google Cloud Platform expert, what drew you to C2C?

As an active member of a few tech blogs already, Rosales hopes to use C2C to get in touch with other like-minded Google Cloud Platform engineers.


Let's Connect!

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