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Storage and Data Transfer (2)

Reduce Time to Value by Rapidly Onboarding SAP Data on GCP (full recording)

Unlock faster SAP deployments on GCP using Google Cloud tools - BigQuery, CloudSQL, AutoML, and Spanner. Dive into technical insights in this recording.

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Let's Not Talk About Repatriation: Rich Hoyer of SADA on FinOps and Workload Balancing

Navigate the cloud landscape wisely - we'll challenge traditional views on repatriation. Explore cost-effective hybrid solutions and rebalance your workloads.

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Get to Know the Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification

Exam prep insights inside! Elevate your career potential with this certification. Master building scalable data pipelines and troubleshooting ML models.

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Ingest, Store, Query, and More: What BigQuery Can Do for You

Data scientists & web developers running ML or data mining operations - BigQuery can be the best solution to handle your massive workloads!

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How to Design a Modern Data Warehouse in BigQuery

Transform Your Data Warehouse in BigQuery - Denormalized models, the power of partitioning, clustering, and more for scalability!

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C2C Deep Dive: Latest Upgrades in BigQuery

Discover the latest BigQuery upgrades. Explore efficiency and security use cases with Google Cloud's Data Warehouse experts.

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Andi Gutmans, GM and VP of Engineering at Google Sits Down with C2C

Unlock the secrets of data journeys with Andi Gutmans, GM at Google Cloud. Discover how he guides businesses through migrations and transformations.

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C2C Talks: Using Google Cloud's BigQuery to Move from a 48-Hour Cycle Time to a Mere 7 Minutes

Watch the success story of Ipsos with Google Cloud's BigQuery. Move from a 48-hour cycle time to just 7 minutes. Explore the benefits of seamless data flow!

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