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Positioning Your Product: Earned Media and Audience Connections (full video)

By C2C Community Team | April 11, 2022

Scott Wilson, Co-Founder of QA Wolf and former Senior Director of Product Marketing for Wyze Labs, presented during a tactical Deep Dive all about getting your product followed, liked, loved, and reviewed. This hour-long session covered actionable steps and expert tips on positioning your product and connecting with your audience using product journey examples from Scott's work at Wyze, including:

  • (00:00) About C2C and Google Cloud Startups
  • (02:50) Introduction to Scott Wilson, his experience at Wyze, and agenda overview for his best practices for product positioning
  • (08:45) Step 1: Create a remarkable solution that surpasses your users' expectations
    • Defining "solution" as product plus experience
    • Identifying your core user
    • Creating customer avatars
    • Creating a method of trial
    • Meeting and surpassing expectations
    • Example: what makes Wyze remarkable
  • (21:40) Step 2: Make it easy to share so your customers can advocate for you
    • Building into the solution
    • Encouraging and asking customers to share
    • Example: Wyze sharing
  • (26:20) Step 3: Tell the right people so they do the marketing for you
    • Example: Wyze outreach campaigns
    • Finding the right people and using the right tools (all linked below)
    • Creating a one-pager
    • Drafting your outreach message
    • Sending your message
    • How to persist
  • (45:50) Step 4: Keep your solution remarkable so users keep coming back
    • Example: How Wyze keeps their product remarkable
    • Continually moving the goalpost by keeping a pulse on the market
  • (48:05) Bonus: use cases at QA Wolf
  • (53:15) Open community questions


Extra Credit

Scott shared a great variety of his favorite tools for finding the right people, including:


To connect with Scott, reach out to him via email at scott@qawolf.com

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