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Orchestration and Choreography Drive Conversation at C2C Connect: France Session on February 8th

By Guillaume Blaquiere | March 7, 2022

On February 8, 2022, C2C members  @antoine.castex  and  @guillaume blaquiere  hosted a powerful session for France and beyond in the cloud space. C2C Connect: France sessions intend to bring together a community of cloud experts and customers to connect, learn, and shape the future of cloud.


60 Minutes Summed Up in 60 Seconds


  1. Guillaume Laforge and Mete Atamel, both Developer Advocates, were the guests of the session.

  2. The guests introduced the concepts and discussed the pros and cons of event-driven choreography and event-orchestration.

  3. Choreography is an ideal solution for event hosting and attendance, especially when you have to extend a service by driving registration to an existing event. There is nothing additional to do except add new attendees!

  4. A downside of choreography is the difficulty of overseeing and managing events and responding to errors.

  5. Orchestration drives, retries, and manages the processing chain in a central place, and provides a single point of view.

  6. To extend a service in orchestration requires a new orchestrator version deployment.

  7. Similarly to other orchestrators like Cloud Composer, Cloud Workflow solves event-driven challenges in a serverless environment with no code, only YAML description.

  8. Event-driven workflows are great for triggering simple actions, and potentially better designed for performing processing sequences that support a business process or flow chart.

  9. The event-driven and orchestration dichotomy isn't exclusive. Both have their use cases, and that's why Google Cloud also works on Eventarc to more easily generate events on the Google Cloud Platform.


Get In on the Orchestration and Choreography Conversation!


Despite its 60-minute time limit, this conversation didn't stop. Orchestration and Choreography are hot topics, and they certainly kept everyone's attention. The group spent time on the key products in the event-driven and event-orchestrated world, such as: 

  1. Cloud Workflow

  2. Apache Airflow and Cloud Composer

  3. Eventarc


Members also shared likes and dislikes. For example, one mentioned missing features on Cloud Workflow, such as retries after errors, or ongoing execution graphs. 


Preview What's Next


These upcoming sessions will cover topics that came up but didn't make it to the discussion floor: 

  • Security Threat with Carter Morgan (To be confirmed), April 12th

  • Looker with Leigha Jarret, in-person in Paris, France, May 10th

  • AppEngine with Wesley Chun, June 14th

More details soon on the C2C event page.

If any of these events interests you, be sure to sign up to get in touch with the group!


Extra Credit


Looking for more Google Cloud products news and resources? We got you. The following links were shared with attendees and are now available to you!

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