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Leave a Review of a Google Cloud Product on G2 and get a $25 gift card!

By Alena Ageeva | March 21, 2023

Google Cloud and G2.com would love feedback on your experience with Google Cloud products. 


Start Your Review


You can leave a review and as a thank you, G2.com will send you a $25 gift card via email for each review you write and donate $10 to the Girls Who Code foundation. 


Leave the review for one of the following products: 

  • Google Cloud BigQuery

  • Google Cloud Run

  • Google Compute Engine 

  • Google Cloud SQL

  • Google Cloud Speech-to-Text


Leaving a review will help more people find Google products on G2.com!

Feel free to leave the review in the language of your choice. We appreciate your time and insight!


Start Your Review

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