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Introducing the May 2022 Community C2Champions

By C2C Team | June 2, 2021

C2C is a global community where Google Cloud customers and partners can explore new technical solutions and transform their businesses using Google Cloud products. What makes C2C so unique, however, is the opportunity for our members to meet, share their knowledge, and collaborate with one another. Learning which products to use and how to use them is important, but the chance to hear the story of another colleague who has done so successfully or tell your own success story is vital. To demonstrate this value to our membership, C2C has introduced a new program all about recognizing the individuals who make our community so dynamic and rewarding. Read on below to learn more about our inaugural monthly community C2Champions.


Category: Solving Problems


Chanel Greco

Chanel Greco ( @chanelgreco ) is a Google Workspace trainer who loves helping others get the most out of Google's "awesome" productivity suite. 
Chanel has spent most of her professional career in IT. With saperis, a company she founded in 2020, she decided to bring together two things she's very passionate about, tech and education, by creating a platform for teaching people how to use digital tools.

Chanel enjoys sharing her tech knowledge with other women and encouraging other women to consider getting into tech themselves. She regularly serves as a mentor or coach at coding events for women and girls. For relaxing, Chanel enjoys a nice workout, Playstation 5 games, or a good read.

On C2C, Chanel has met other Google Workspace enthusiasts and started collaborating with various C2C members on customer projects. To learn more about Chanel and her presence in our community, read our exclusive interview with her here:



Category: Attending Events


John Hayes

John Hayes ( @HayesJohnD ) has had an interest in computers "pretty much from the beginning." Back in the early days of the PC, he says, "everyone" asked him for help on PC or Windows problems. In his work as a design engineer he used PCs with AutoCAD to create mechanical drawings and hydraulic schematics.

Now that cloud is becoming more relevant, John is pursuing new learning. He recently completed the Google Data Analytics Certificate with Coursera, as well as a class on Looker. Continuous learning since the early days of the PC have kept John on the leading edge of tech, and he is planning to continue his education with ML after getting caught up on his Skills Boost classes.

Outside of tech, John used to fish as a hobby, to take a break, enjoy the sport, catch some fish, and experience the nature around him. He has since had to stop, and has turned to the computer for online learning and keeping up to date on tech and news. 

John came to C2C after attending a training webinar and receiving a follow-up email from Google. The camaraderie of people with shared interests reminds him of his time with his "military buddies" in the Navy. John would like to make more connections in the Data Analyst arena, as well as in the broader cloud arena. If he has any knowledge about a topic of discussion, John is more than eager to share it with people.


Category: Platform Posts


Thomas Shaiju

Thomas Shaiju ( @shaijut ) has been interested in learning about computers since his school days. Later in his academic career, he says, "by God's grace," he got a chance to pursue a Masters degree in Software Engineering. His first work experience was with an eCommerce startup, which offered him valuable opportunities to build things from scratch. Thomas has also had opportunities to work in digital publishing and on oil and gas domains, focusing on back-end development, APIs using C#, .NET, .NET core, SQL, website deployment, and cloud. 

Out of work, Thomas enjoys reading and listening to life-changing books and stories, singing, blogging, mentoring, and sightseeing.

Thomas learned about C2C from a LinkedIn post by Dan Sullivan, an author and Udemy instructor focused on Google Cloud topics. Dan had shared some information related to Google Cloud certifications, originally provided by one of C2C's community managers, Ilias Papachristos ( @ilias ). Thomas was pleased to find that C2C is an active and engaging Google Cloud community. He is now here to connect with folks who know or are learning about back-end development, APIs, and anything else Google Cloud.


Do you want to be a C2Champion? There are countless ways to engage on our platform or at our events, but the easiest way to get started right now is to join us as a member! We look forward to seeing you around our community.

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