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Google Workspace

Google Docs Freezing/Locking Browser

By Mark Fanjoy | January 12, 2022

Hi, all.

When I open any of my Google Docs, regardless of type, they will freeze my Chrome Browser and all open tabs for about :20-:30 secs.  Then, they begin to function normally until I close and re open, and the condition then repeats.

This issue began about a month after I upgraded to Monterey, but doesn't seem to have been the direct cause, as the documents functioned normally for a while.

I have uninstalled and re installed Google Drive.  I have left the synced file directory on my hard drive at it's default install location.  I have not reinstalled Chrome, but regularly clear the Cache.  I have not reinstalled the OS, as all other program apps are functioning normal.


  • Persists whether I open a file from synced hard drive or directly from Google Drive online
  • Persists from different locations, different Service Providers, different routers.
  • No one else that shares these files experience this condition.
  • From my new 2021 Macbook Pro laptop, I do not experience any of these conditions. 
  • I do not experience this issue with any other Web sites while browsing in Chrome.

So, I've narrowed the range of culprits as tight as I know how to do.


Best answer by Alfons

I had a similar problem some time ago but only with Google Slides, I disabled Chrome extensions including the ones from Google until I found the one causing the problem.

I suggest to start with that approach.

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