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Interview, Containers and Kubernetes

Google Cloud Platform & Kubernetes Interview Questions

By C2C Team | September 27, 2021

Whether you've been an Application Engineer since the nascent days of cloud computing or you're in the process of pivoting your career, the C2C Community is a highly collaborative and connective forum experience where those looking to enter the industry can connect with industry experts and veterans.

For those looking to network with experts in the cloud community, C2C can help cloud engineers of any expert level grow their skills and advance their careers. One of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming interview with Google Cloud Platform technology specialists is to prepare some relevant and specific interview questions that demonstrate your deep and unique understanding of your respective area of expertise.

Find out more about Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform interview questions and directly network with those in the Google Community. Your career and your mind will go far when you take part in the discussion on C2C.


Connect With Google Cloud Architects & Other Industry Insiders

The C2C Community is an online forum experience for serious Google Cloud industry insiders and enthusiasts. Explore engaging topics of interest, join various discussions, and gain invaluable perspectives on the competitive cloud engineering job market. In addition, learn all about Google Cloud Architect interview questions and the ins and outs of the interview process so you can feel prepared to take the next step in your career.

Additionally, community members can explore specific areas of interest, discussing Kubernetes interview questions while getting exclusive insight from past and current Google employers. Ask questions in a forum-like setting and review responses from industry veterans. C2C is a Google Cloud Community committed to enriching the lives, minds, and careers of tenured Cloud Engineers, Architects, and even those looking to get their foot in the door.


Kubernetes Interview Questions from the C2C Community

Whether you're joining a well-established team, you're being brought on to help improve an internal process, or you're just prepping for an upcoming interview with Google, try integrating some of these Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform interview questions from experts in the C2C Community to impress your interviewer.

General Kubernetes Interview Questions:

While you certainly want to reflect your more profound knowledge of cloud computing with your Google Cloud Platform interview questions, some general knowledge you want to have when stepping into an interview requires you to understand Kubernetes and container orchestration.

  • What do you know about Kubernetes?

  • What difference do you find between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes?

  • What similarities do you find between Docker and Kubernetes?

  • When would a cloud infrastructure use Docker over Kubernetes and vice versa?

  • What difference do you find between deploying applications on the host and in containers?

  • What are clusters in Kubernetes?

  • What is Google Container Engine?

Google Cloud Architect Interview Questions:

Of course, an integral part of demonstrating your understanding of Kubernetes is to prepare yourself to answer some architecture-specific questions. Here are some great Google Cloud architecture interview questions below:

  • What is the role of the Kube-API server and Kube-scheduler?

  • Can you explain about the Kubernetes controller manager?

  • What is a load balancer in Kubernetes?

  • What are the different types of services in Kubernetes?

  • What do you understand about Cloud controller managers?

Multiple Choice Kubernetes Interview Questions:

Multiple choice offers an excellent opportunity to put your expertise on display and test your creativity. Here are some excellent multiple-choice Kubernetes interview questions that will take any Google Cloud engineering conversation and interview to the next level:

  • What are minions in the Kubernetes cluster?

  • What was the latest Kubernetes version update, and what did it introduce?

  • What are the responsibilities of a Replication Controller?

  • Which of the following are core Kubernetes objects?

  • Kubernetes cluster data is stored in which of the following?


Grow a Promising Career in Technology With C2C

The C2C Community is always facilitating interesting conversations around cloud computing, industry expertise, and the future of cloud innovation. We have a collaborative online community and forum experience that makes it easy to converse with other experts in the industry and tap into a well of knowledge that deepens with every new member, online discussion, and expert Q&A.

Now, it's your turn to join the conversation. What are some other Google Cloud Platform interview questions you've heard in the past that you felt were exciting? Or perhaps you were on the receiving end of an interviewee's interesting cloud-related interview questions that made for an engaging, future-focused conversation about computing. Share your answers and start a conversation with other members of the C2C Community.

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