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Google Cloud Partners, Containers and Kubernetes, Session Recording

Google Cloud Modernization with DoiT (full recording)

By Stephen C2C | October 24, 2022

On August 30, 2022, C2C joined forces with our partners at DoiT to host a 2Gather event all about modernizing your organization on Google Cloud. Presented live at Google's office in the repurposed Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista, California, Google Cloud Modernization with DoiT offered a deep exploration of the practices and technologies DoiT uses to help organizations modernize their resources and infrastructure on its Cloud Management Platform. DoiT's Yuval Drori Retziver ( @yuval ) delivered the main program, comparing and contrasting the capabilities and advantages of Google Cloud Run and the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Yuval prefers Cloud Run's serverless, pay-per-use model, but he also made a point of mentioning numerous features and benefits of Kubernetes, including liveness, readiness, and startup probes and horizontal pod autoscaling. Even when Yuval offered to skip slides reviewing details familiar to most users, the crowd urged him to cover everything he had prepared. The various options for modernization Yuval described illustrated North America Head of Google Cloud Customer Community Dale Rossi ( @Dale Rossi )'s comment that "As a Google Cloud customer, or any customer, it's a journey."

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