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Google Workspace, Containers and Kubernetes

Deploying Helm Charts in GKE Private clusters

By Ludovic FERNANDEZ | January 24, 2022

Hi Expert,


I have provisioned GKE private clusters using Cloud Build and Terraform and I would like to validate the Build Architecture that I am setting up.

  1. Could you please tell me what is the Google recommend approach to deploy helm charts? using Cloud Build through a VPN connection (as described here: https://cloud.google.com/architecture/accessing-private-gke-clusters-with-cloud-build-private-pools) or using Cloud Deploy? https://cloud.google.com/deploy/docs/overview - Using a VPN between Cloud Build and GKE seems to be mandatory and I am not really fan of this.
  2. Is the Artifact Repository able to pass through official docker images since I want to make sure that all images have been analyzed? I haven't seen the option yet and I am afraid having to implement a third-party solution.

Best Regards,


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