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Infrastructure, Containers and Kubernetes, Session Recording

Containerization Strategies for Modernizing with Kubernetes (full video)

By C2C Community Team | November 23, 2021

Cloud-first companies see cloud-native Kubernetes technology as the key to building modern application infrastructure with high scalability and internal developer process automation. While many companies have started their Kubernetes adoption, the program can often encounter challenges and complexities soon after its launch.

The recording from this Deep Dive includes:

  • (2:00) Introduction to Jetstack
  • (3:35) Agenda overview
  • (4:00) Introduction to cloud native, Kubernetes, and microservices
  • (9:45) Kubernetes and monolith application servers
  • (14:00) Continuous delivery, GitOps, and advanced Kubernetes features
  • (17:25) Picking the right workloads to migrate
  • (19:55) Building application platforms to run on Kubernetes
  • (23:30) Knowledge sharing and understanding the team needed to run Kubernetes projects
  • (26:10) Final takeaways

This Deep Dive was presented by Jetstack, a foundational platinum partner of C2C and a Google Cloud Premier Partner which builds enterprise cloud-native platforms using Kubernetes and OpenShift. To connect with them, find @RichardC  here in the community.


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