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Certification Journeys with Magda Jary

By Stephen C2C | October 22, 2021

The C2C community exists to connect users of Google Cloud Products at all levels of skill and expertise. One of the most valuable benefits our community offers is the opportunity to hear from users whose journeys can inspire you to advance in yours. To make these opportunities available, C2C is creating and promoting resources related to Google Cloud Certifications, including coffee chats with our community managers for members interested in pursuing certifications themselves.

The first of these coffee chats, on October 19th, will feature special guest Magda Jary, Google Tag Manager's Global Lead for Google Cloud Certifications and Digital Badges. In the run-up to the event, we're looking back at content Jary has produced related to Google Cloud Certifications. In this free session for Pluralsight, Jary hosts a course on Google Cloud Certifications with a specific focus on their value to a developing career journey.

The course offers background information, testimonials, and specific numbers on the reach and impact of Google Cloud's many certification options.

In the first half, Jary defines the different certifications, highlights the benefits of certification for employees and employers, and breaks down the scope and format of the exams and the Google Cloud technical learning paths. 

Some surprising insights include that 79% of IT departments globally report a skills gap, and 82% of certified job applicants can prove cloud skill competency to recruiters. In the second half, Jary brings in David Lauen and Omar Thompson, two systems engineers at Home Depot, and Priya Saxena, Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud, to talk through their journeys and describe how certification has benefited their careers.

Watch the presentation, and if you have any questions or thoughts to share about Google Cloud certifications, sign up for the coffee chat below and join @Alfons  and @ilias .


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