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AI and Machine Learning

CarCast with Bruno Aziza: Why Metrics Don't Matter

By Bruno Aziza | January 10, 2024

Hello C2C!

In this week's CarCast, we discuss Tech & Business Predictions for 2024, Your AI Strategy and How You Might Want To Measure Your Life...We also highlight Ben Evans "AI and Everything Else" manifesto and propose key considerations Tech Executives need to think about to make their AI Strategy real in 2024.  Here are some highlights of this week's video:


00:49: Metrics Don't Matter & Why "GAAC is dead"
01:32: The Amazon Way: CEOs Must Be Unreasonably Optimistic AND Hyper Realistically...at the same time

02: 03: Predictions 2024: "AI-Driven GTM Efficiency" & "AI Climbs the Hype Cycle"


The CarCast also includes EXTRAS like the "How Will You Measure Your Life" - a timely summary of Clayton Christensen's philosophy on the meaning of life and its measurement.


What's your opinion on this week's topics? Leave your comment below and let's continue the conversation

Have a great week....Analytically Yours,



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