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AI and Machine Learning

CarCast with Bruno Aziza: Decrypting the "Gen AI Mania"

By Bruno Aziza | September 18, 2023

Hello C2C!

Generative AI is everywhere.  It's in your apps, in your database, in your dashboards, on your phone. If you're a tech and data leaders, you're probably wondering: "How am I supposed to take advantage of the Gen AI mania?".  This week, a "special guest" joins Bruno's CarCast to help decrypt the "GenAI Mania".  The CarCast also covers some of the must-read resources from last week and the key ones to pay attention to for next week!  For instance:

  • The Boston Consulting Group just released interesting data about where CIOs should focus their efforts with GenAI, what use cases they should pick to get started, and more importantly, how they should prioritize their work.  The answer is not a stack rank, it's a quadrant
  • AI in sales.  Did you know that 1 in 5 leaders is NOT getting value in their sales app?  Why is that?  Most likely because they are using AI at the WRONG time in their sales cycle.
  • How is Generative AI impacting cybersecurity?! Ben Lorica's podcast features an approach for how to think about this emerging concern ("Inside the Mind of a Hacker").  A good resource to listen to ahead of key cyber events, Crowdstrike's Fal.Con and Mandiant mWise next week!

The CarCast also includes EXTRAS like: "How to Explain Vector Databases to a 5-year old",  "8 ways chief data officers can demonstrate value" and Why "GenerativeAI is just a phase" -

What's your opinion on this week's topics? Leave your comment below and let's continue the conversation

Analytically yours,


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