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C2C Monthly Recap: July 2022

By C2C Team | September 1, 2022

Each month, C2C shares the latest news from the team and the best highlights from all of you here in the community. Read on for the most essential C2C updates from July 2022.


The C2C team has been on the move! We've been unveiling a number of face-to-face events with the help of our partners, Google, and other members who have joined us to share their journeys and connect with each other. The stories shared at these events are valuable across many industry solutions being created with Google Cloud technology, but we also have a focus on having fun!


Speaker Panel at 2Gather: San Francisco

San Francisco

The C2C team has spent enough time in California over the past year that a NoCal roadshow was long overdue. At the end of July, C2C's own Josh Berman (@josh.berman), Alesha Neely ( @Aneely ), Kathy Sullivan ( @Kathy Sullivan ), and Marcy Young ( @Marcy.Young ) made up for lost time by traveling West for two events in San Francisco and Sunnyvale. 2Gather: San Francisco brought speakers Peter-Mark Verwoerd ( @PMV ), Associate CTO of Infrastructure at SADA, Ethan Lo ( @ethanwlo ), VP of Infrastructure & Security at Premise Data, Kavish Seda ( @kavseda ), Manager of Customer Success in the Americas at Aiven, and Anthony Wang ( @anthonyw ), Infrastructure and Platform Engineering Manager at Bevy for a packed agenda.

First, Peter-Mark and Ethan sat down for a fireside chat breaking down the custom solution Premise Data built on top of their Security and Command Center on Google Cloud. Kavish and Anthony followed with a second fireside chat about Bevy's Google Cloud adoption. Finally all four speakers reconvened for a wide-ranging panel discussion before the crowd wound down with food and drinks. Andrew McIntyre ( @amcintyre ), a guest from MariaDB, particularly appreciated how the event brought customers together to share common interests and discuss the solutions helping their businesses. Lena Kannappan ( @lena ), Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Healthcare Triangle, Inc., says he loved the community and conversation.



Speaker Panel at 2Gather: Sunnyvale

The team continued their mini-tour with another stop in Sunnyvale, where speakers Tim Csontos, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Automation Anywhere, and Shalini Mayor ( @smayor ), Sr. Director of Enterprise Automation at Salesforce, grabbed time for a fireside chat and then a panel discussion with Allen Leibovitch ( @Allen Leibovitch ), Senior Manager of Cloud Solutions at AMD, and returning guest Spenser Paul ( @spenserpaul ) of DoiT. Of course, no panel featuring Spenser is complete without his yellow labrador Milton. As usual, Milton kept his comments brief.

Anantharamu Suryanarayana ( @Ananth ), founder of Camphor Networks, had already attended some virtual events on the C2C platform, but he especially enjoyed networking in person with the other guests, and will be on the lookout for more events from our Google Startups team. Thomas DeMeo, Director of Product Management for Google Cloud Platform Developer Tools, was excited to be able to get actionable feedback from customers on the products he develops. He will be connecting with Yuval Drori of DoiT to discuss DoiT's product challenges and help provide solutions.

You can also find recordings from virtual events, interviews with Google Cloud thought leaders, and other news and content from C2C by browsing all our articles by solution area, industry, or hot topics in cloud.

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