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C2C Connect UK and Ireland: Carl's Certification Cavalcade - Key Takeaways and Full Recording

By Sathy S | March 4, 2022

Google Cloud wants its solutions to be accessible to all organizations seeking to scale and stay current. To that end, Google Cloud offers local certification training and support resources to all communities of practicing and prospective Google Cloud users. C2C is committed to connecting community members to these resources.

On Jan. 20, 2022, The C2C Connect UK and Ireland group invited Carl Tanner, Google Cloud's EMEA Business Training Leader, to lead a session for customers interested in pursuing the Cloud Digital Leader certification.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Carl's session: 

  • Business leaders consider lack of skills the biggest barrier to cloud adoption.
  • Google is committed to training 40 million people in Google Cloud via the Google Cloud Skills Boost program to close the skills gap.
  • Google Cloud Certifications are considered more difficult than competitor cloud certifications.
  • Certification provides a significant boost to the confidence and attractiveness of an applicant's CV. Google certified professionals rank as the most in-demand and consequently receive higher salaries.
  • Certified individuals can opt in to an online public certification directory.
  • There are 8 professional level certifications, 1 associate level certification, and 1 foundational certification.
  • The foundational certification is Cloud Digital Leader. Tanner covered the following details about the Cloud Digital Leader certification:
    • The Cloud Digital Leader certification covers the basics of cloud computing and how Google Cloud products help organizations.
    • The certification is designed to help organizations attain a consistent level of cloud skills.
    • Exams are available in English and Japanese and cost $99.
    • The exams are multiple choice and taken over a two-hour period.
    • Free self-paced training is available as part of the Cloud Skills Boost program, and also from Coursera and Pluralsight. Instructor-led training is also available.
    • Since Jan. 26, 2022, some technical aspects of the exam have been removed, and are more closely aligned with the training material. 


The following updates to the certifications program are coming in the near future: 

  • Industry-specific learning is in focus for 2022.
  • French and Spanish training materials and exams will be rolled out soon.


Watch the full recording of the event below:



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