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C2C 2022 Year-End Recap

By C2C Team | January 30, 2023

2022 was a year of continuing growth and change for the C2C community. New event formats, content campaigns, and community spaces allowed our team and our members to explore hot topics in the cloud ecosystem, from hybrid and multicloud strategies to sustainable cloud spend to intelligent automation. We relaunched our face-to-face events, created new communities for our global regions and industry verticals, and produced the first full-scale research study of our membership. Not to mention, we grew to over 30,000 members strong! 2023 is just beginning, and many more exciting developments are just around the corner, but for now, read on to take a look back at some of the biggest things we accomplished in 2022.


Cloud Repatriation


C2C's first major event of 2022 was our executive panel on Cloud Repatriation, featuring Nick Tornow of Twitter, Keyur Govande of Etsy, and Rich Hoyer and Miles Ward ( @MilesWard ) of SADA. All of the guests left the conversation with new perspective on the concepts of repatriation and cloud strategy in general. As Keyur put it, "In the context of repatriation, especially for a product company, it is very important to think through the ramifications of doing the heavy infrastructural lift yourself. In my opinion, for most product companies, the answer would be to 'keep moving up the stack,' i.e. to be laser focused on your own customers' needs and demands, by leveraging the public cloud infrastructure." Miles was also kind enough to finish off the discussion with a call to arms for solo Tuba:



 Read our takeaway post to revisit the highlights:



Women In Cloud


In March of 2022, for International Women's Day, C2C Content Manager Alex Maksymec ( @alex.maksymec ) produced a five-part series of interviews with successful women in the cloud space. The interviews provided a necessary opportunity to explore the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in depth. In the words of Lynn Comp, AMD, Corporate Vice President of Cloud Business Group, "When you look at environments that are more of a melting pot with greater diversity - points of view, origin, culture, or language - you end up having a lot more innovation. It's challenging because it's hard to understand others' journeys, but once the team gels, it makes products and solutions better and more multi-purpose." Read all of the interviews here below:



Clean Clouds, Green Earth


C2C continued producing large-format virtual events with Clean Clouds, Green Earth, an Earth Day conference hosted entirely on the C2C platform, including Googler, partner, and customer-led sessions on hot topics in sustainability. The highlight was a panel discussion with AMD, HCL, and L'Oreal, hosted by Ian Pattison, EMEA Head of Sustainability Practice at Google Cloud. The most vital takeaway from the discussion was the notion of a holistic approach to cloud sustainability, reaching beyond specific technological fixes to a new perspective on energy consumption overall, which, according to Antoine Castex ( @antoine.castex ), L'Oreal Cloud Architect and C2C France team lead, comes about when companies like L'Oreal are able to "change the brain of the people." Check the links below to explore the content from the various individual sessions:



Face-to-Face Events


Early in 2022, the C2C team reintroduced face-to-face events, offering some of the most high-profile events of the company's history, including multiple Google Next watch parties hosted in collaboration with C2C partners and the Cloud Adoption Summit in London, a day-long event featuring over two-dozen customer and partner sponsors and speakers. "I joined to check how the Google Community works especially compared to Azure," said Robert Burton ( @Rob Burton ) of Bupa after the Cloud Adoption Summit. "I left knowing that Workspot might solve a problem that we didn't know we had." Read more stories from these events here:



New Communities


In 2022, C2C also created new communities for numerous of our global regions and industry verticals. We created new spaces on the platform, hosted events, and brought on new community managers, moderators, and customer and partner collaborators in JAPAC, the Alps, and LATAM. We also introduced our Healthcare and Life Sciences community with a 2Inspire event featuring Steven Michaels ( @Steven Michaels ) of Intermountain Healthcare, Michael Ames ( @michaelames ) of SADA, and Paul Novak ( @paul_novak ) of Community Health Systems, who has since joined C2C as a member of our board. Take a look at the post linked below for takeaways from the event and a full recording of the conversation:



Community Research


Last but not least, 2022 also saw the publication of the first large-scale research study of C2C's membership. The long-form report collected insights on preferred cloud providers, most popular Google Cloud tools and products, and trends in provider and product usage. Insights gathered included that AI and ML tech is "look but don't touch," Google Cloud is #1 for "cloud native" development, and provider satisfaction and open-source tech go hand-in-hand. Read the full report below:



Do you want to be able to tell stories like these about your organization and the business and technical solutions you've developed on the cloud? Join C2C as a member today to take part in everything we have planned for 2023!


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