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4 Ways Providers Are Using Workspace for Healthcare

By Yasmine Aviles | June 15, 2021

2020 was a year of firsts for many. For some, it may have been the first time they attempted baking sourdough bread. For others it could have been the first year they participated in a virtual happy hour. Many of us also experienced a virtual doctor's visit for the first time.

Before the pandemic shuttered many of our doors, the idea of a virtual doctor's visit felt almost sci-fi, but this need to innovate uncovered a fair amount of benefits to doing medicine online. 

As we continue our discussion about mental health awareness, we're taking a look at Google telemedicine and how G Suite for healthcare is helping to improve many facets of the patient experience, from security to convenience.


What Is Google Cloud Healthcare API?


Google Cloud Healthcare API is a virtual interface used to store and manage healthcare data. There are many different platforms created to safely store and process patient data, and Google Cloud is among one of the most trusted cloud infrastructures for storing healthcare information.

Google Cloud has helped create an infrastructure that is serverless for providers. Google Cloud Healthcare helps generate pipelines of information to cut back on the amount of time that it takes to collect data acquisition and preprocessing. Google's API has the ability to bridge existing systems that accelerate indigestion, storage, and analysis of healthcare data with Google Cloud Healthcare applications.


Google Telemedicine and Patient Security


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of Google Cloud Healthcare is the layered approach to security and privacy. Google Cloud gives the ability to set data access rules for patient security on top of your original securing structure. 

Google Telemedicine was also created as an extraordinarily simple process that gives you an extension of care and safety through a secure net to virtually see your doctor. In the times that we are in now, it can be difficult to get through a phone line to just schedule an appointment to see your doctor. Now with Google Telemedicine, you are able to see your doctor, schedule appointments, and see all of your information in one place. Whether it's simply sending a message directly to your provider or reordering a prescription, Google Telemedicine is giving a generational standard on direct and effective communications directly from your providers, in the security of your own home. 


Convenience for Patients and Providers


Virtual care solutions rolled out quickly in 2020, providing many with a level of convenience that hadn't been experienced previously in medicine. To protect patients and providers while connecting virtually, Google Workspace created a HIPAA Implementation Guide to make it possible for doctors to share medical information through Gmail and Google Meet. 

The convenience for providers is that they are able to create a system through a query on Google's Cloud Healthcare API, which can store all community specs from their patients' specific information at a click of a button. This information can also be connected to any business intelligence tool that your provider may use, which saves additional plugins, programs, and time on collecting your data to Google storage.  


Workspace EMR Puts Patients' Information All in One Place


Utilizing Workspace EMR to create a centralized location for medical records and patient information allows healthcare workers and patients to access important medical records from one place and perform vital remote clinical work.

Importing data directly into Google Cloud Healthcare offers a safe way to share important documents like X-rays and CT scans with internal staff, while Workspace EMR creates access to populate forms and compute data, making it efficient, effective, and inexpensive for providers and patients. This is one of the best assets when dealing with Workpace for healthcare. 


Google Electronic Medical Records and How It Works 


Workspace for healthcare has spent the past few years perfecting the development of Google Electronic Medical Records. Think about having all of your medical records, including your legacy records, at your fingertips and for your healthcare providers.

Google has created a process that can easily access, analyze, update, and electronically annotate patient data even while other providers are using the same patient record. This changes the game for healthcare with Google electronic medical records by keeping clients and providers instantly informed of any changes made to their file.

Imagine the impact on our environment when we are able to say no to paper! No more having to call a provider for additional information to include on behalf of a diagnosis. Even no more off-site storage locations, which is just another bonus for patients and providers, making Google EMR system ideal for requesting, inputting, storing, accessing, and updating records from any geographic location. 

With the new millennium, times are sure changing, with more advanced technology constantly emerging. Workspace for Google and Google electronics' medical records have given the most modern system to reference and consulate you all through a digital space. What more do you think will evolve over time? Whatever that may be, Google is for sure on top of our modern healthcare landscape. 


Google Cloud Healthcare API Creates Greater Collaboration Among Providers


Google Cloud Healthcare also makes it possible for providers to collaborate with each other. From building complex clinical repositories that can be safely accessed by multiple practitioners to streamlining communication with Workspace features like chat and video calling, Google Workspace is making remote collaboration possible for remote healthcare.

Workspace for healthcare provides the best all-in-one place for providers to easily create health assessments, questionnaires, instructional videos, forms, and documents for EMR. Trying to streamline data and services can take a huge amount of time, but they don't have to when dealing with Google Cloud Healthcare API. 

The software makes it easy for providers to collaborate using a secure network where systems are generated and computed all in one place. Imagine how amazing and a dream-like situation this can be for a provider to have. You don't have to create, research, or use external sources or plug-ins to manage or access information. Convenience is at an all-time high these days.

If 2020 proved anything, it's that necessity truly is the mother of invention. Google Cloud Healthcare API and telemedicine revolutionized the way the healthcare industry shares information, consults with patients, and communicates internally, and it's only a matter of time before other areas of innovation and improvement crop up in other industries thanks to cloud computing. 

Join the discussion today! Tell us which industries you think could greatly benefit from cloud innovation.


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