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Media, Entertainment, and Gaming Case Study: Netflix, DaaS, and Google Cloud DRaaS

Netflix transforms its visual effects workflow using DaaS - NetFX delivers secure, high-powered virtual workstations for global artist collaboration.

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The Journey to the Digital Enterprise - Event Takeaway

TX Group's evolution into Switzerland's top digital network: A deep dive into their Google Workspace migration and the strategies for digital success.

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Getting Maximum Value from Cloud: Key Takeaways from C2C's Deep Dive on Cloud Repatriation

Watch the videos! Uncover insights on cloud repatriation's business implications from industry leaders at C2C's panel discussion.

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Thinking About Moving Your Workloads Off the Cloud? (full video)

Explore the strategic aspects of moving workloads off the cloud. Understand TCO, OPEX, and CAPEX with X, SADA, and Etsy. Watch the session.

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The DevOps Life Cycle in 7 Steps Using Netflix

Elevate your software development using Netflix's DevOps. Embrace continuous planning, code integration, and automated testing for agile processes.

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Sharing Data with Datashare (Video from Google Cloud Tech)

Empower Data Collaboration: Discover the potential of open-source Datashare, enabling market data publishers & consumers to exchange data in the cloud.

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