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AI Cheat Sheet

AI is no more and no less the drive to create robots with human minds so they can do everything we do and more. Use this cheat sheet to help decode the space.

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Financial Services Case Study: Magnum Real Estate, Blockchain Transactions, and Google Cloud

Magnum Real Estate disrupts the market with Google Cloud-powered blockchain transactions. Buy, sell, and trade property in cryptocurrency for unprecedented efficiency.

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Media, Entertainment, and Gaming Case Study: Netflix, DaaS, and Google Cloud DRaaS

Netflix transforms its visual effects workflow using DaaS - NetFX delivers secure, high-powered virtual workstations for global artist collaboration.

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Retail Case Study: How Marriott International Builds Smart Kiosks on Google Cloud

Discover the future of contactless convenience. Enhance guest experience at Marriott with smart kiosks. Grab snacks, check-in seamlessly, and pay with mobile.

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Healthcare Case Study: McKesson Corporation and the Google Cloud Healthcare API

Elevate healthcare efficiency with McKesson & Google Cloud's advanced API solutions. Securely access, analyze and integrate data for smarter patient care.

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Healthcare Case Study: Mayo Clinic's Remote Patient Monitoring Program for COVID-19

A lifeline for patients. A solution for healthcare providers. Mayo Clinic transformed patient experiences and saved money with Google Cloud. Read more:

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How the Bank of England Uses AI for FinTech Innovation

Unveiling Britcoin: a stablecoin with smart contracts for seamless transactions and financial stability.

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To Collate or To Analyze: Cloud Bigtable vs. BigQuery

Discover the perfect match for your data needs - Google Cloud's Bigtable vs. BigQuery. Choose the right tool for your analytics journey.

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Bringing More Insights to the Table with Cloud Bigtable

Unlock powerful insights with Cloud Bigtable: Google's fast, reliable, and scalable NoSQL database. Analyze large workloads effortlessly. Learn more now!

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How to Choose a Virtual Machine (VM) From Google Cloud

Unlock maximum scale & speed with Google Cloud's Compute-Optimized VMs for high-performance computing. Ideal for Big Data analysis, AI/ML, ad-serving, & gaming.

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