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Google Cloud Startups Click-to-Deploy Solutions

We're excited to announce the launch of Google Cloud click-to-deploy solutions for startups!



What are Google Cloud Click-to-Deploy Solutions?

We're building a growing repository of resources with digital guides designed to assist Startup teams with things like Security, AI/ML, Data Analytics, and more. These solutions will serve as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that you and your team can leverage to deploy architectures in minutes!






AI and Machine Learning

Collaborating with Google Cloud enables business leaders to harness purpose-built AI solutions, driving organizational transformation and addressing tangible real-world challenges.


Extract Objects from Images using AI on Google Cloud


Use the power of Google Cloud Vision API to extract valuable information from image data for:

  • Visual search and recommendation systems
  • Content moderation and filtering
  • Inventory management and product categorization


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Application Modernization

Google Cloud's solutions for application modernization accelerate innovation and reduce costs. They provide a seamless development and operations experience, coupled with industry-leading tools and guidance.


Host a Serverless WordPress Site with Cloud Run


Quickly implement your WordPress site with the scalability of Cloud Run for simpler:

  • Document classification and sorting
  • ️Invoice automation
  • Contract analysis extraordinaire


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Data Analytics and Data Management

Unlock value for your organization through the latest Data Cloud offerings.


Implement a Data Analytics Pipeline with an Event-Driven Architecture on Google Cloud


Automate data transfer from your data lake to BigQuery for advanced architecture like:

  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Streamlined ETL Pipelines
  • Data Archival and Compliance


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Security Logging and Monitoring

Identify, examine, and proactively prevent cyber threats targeting your business and users, mitigating potential damage or loss from attacks.


Protect your High Availability Workloads with Load Balancer and Cloud Armor


Spin up infrastructure in minutes that supports diverse workloads including:

  • Workloads requiring GDPR compliance
  • DDoS Protection and WAF
  • Geofencing Medical Queuing systems


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