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2024 C2C Member Pulse Report

Trends for technology and participation behavior in the Google Cloud customer community.


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Communities exist everywhere; choosing the right one and getting value from participation can be overwhelming. Understanding our members’ motivations behind clicking that “join” button on our website helps the C2C team to make that act a little less daunting as we evolve the experiences we craft. 


Between all that Google Cloud offers in its suite of products and the need for learning and connection for Google Cloud users, we set out to learn directly from our members what's at the top of their minds. This report brings you:

  • Keeping Up with Transformative Technology: Discover year-over-year trends in organizational priorities, challenges, and who controls technology purchases. Plus, explore new areas around generative AI, including how other members are using it and how they balance the value of versus trust in these tools.
  • Organizational Upskilling and Professional Development: Understand the skills most sought after by organizations and how they bridge those gaps. Learn popular methods for acquiring the expertise needed to thrive in the cloud.
  • Google Cloud Investments and Solution Usage: See which Google Cloud solutions are most popular among C2C members, where usage is growing, and what the overall investment trends are across member organizations.
  • Community Connection: Learn how members like you prefer to engage with the C2C community.

This report is your window into finding meaningful connections at C2C. Whether you're facing new technological hurdles or seeking to optimize your team's skillset, this report equips you with the insights needed to empower your organization's Google Cloud journey. 


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Key Findings






AI & Machine Learning Overtake Center Stage

While cloud infrastructure and data analytics remain crucial, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now the top focus areas for C2C members. These technologies saw the highest increase in prioritization and usage among Google Cloud solutions year-over-year.


However, exploring generative AI and its practical uses reveals complexities. Smoother workflow integrations and clearer cost-savings are needed to truly unlock the potential of the AI landscape.


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Organizational Upskilling Evolves Beyond Certifications

While Google training and certifications remain a valuable way to enhance skill sets, upskilling strategies are evolving. And though internal skill set gaps have largely stabilized compared to 2023, there is still a need for focus on training and deploying ML models.


Interestingly, the C2C community is increasingly seen as a valuable resource. A high number of respondents are utilizing the community to improve or acquire skill sets, suggesting a shift towards collaborative and peer-driven learning.


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Budgets Tighten, But Cloud Commitment Remains Strong

Budgetary challenges have intensified in 2024, creating a sense of uncertainty surrounding future investments. However, despite these concerns, the year-over-year use of Google Cloud solutions and the willingness to attend in-person events remain steady.


Overall, though, respondents are facing fewer organizational challenges in 2024 compared to the previous year. This suggests a potential for resilience and continued adoption of Google Cloud technologies.


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Community Cravings: Learning, Connection, and Career Growth

While content and agenda topics remain important factors for attending in-person events, respondents are most interested in training, education, and gaining new skills within the C2C community. Connecting with peers and Google Cloud leadership is also a high priority, and job-related information is most effectively delivered at in-person events.  These findings highlight the desire for a more holistic experience that goes beyond just informative content.


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