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IAM on Google Cloud Platform

Posted by Vijeta Pai, C2C Contributer | February 16, 2021

Vijeta Pai, a Google Cloud expert and technology leader demystifies cloud using illustrations, comics and easy-to-understand explanations. Today, we're bringing you her post about Identity Access Management (IAM).

What is IAM? 

Simply put, it's a framework of policies and processes defined by the Cloud Provider to make sure users have appropriate permissions to access resources, applications and data on the Cloud. This helps not only secure the data and prevent unwanted threats, but also makes sure all the users have the right amount of access to get their work done.

There are three main parts to Identity Access Management (IAM) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They are Members, Roles and Policies. You can read more about them on Pai's website, Cloud Demystified.

Visual learner? Check out the comic.

iam_part1 (1).png


Best Practices

On her blog, you'll also find some of the best practices that Google Cloud suggests for IAM, but here is a highlight.

Manage Google Identities.png


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